Systems Archetyping and Enablement

Systems Archetyping and Enablement

The pace of integration and technology disruption is increasing—creating unknown opportunity.  Unlock the potential of your organization by continuing to develop your vision and the corporate culture to keep pace with disruptive change and execute on new opportunity gateways.  Gestalt will work to help integrate technology and human capital to achieve your organization’s vision.

Strategy and Operations

  • Strategic Advisory
  • Business Transformation
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Customer Experience


  • Client Advocate
  • Vendor, technology and software analysis
  • Quality Assurance and Review

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Article 5 - ACG Information Systems
ACG Information Systems
In the same way that AIS, MIS and ERP information systems bring control, transparency, effectiveness and coordination to financial and business transaction flows, an ACGIS brings accountability and coordination to the digital security and resiliency of those business and financial transactions and systems. Because business activities are accomplished via digital transactions amongst business units, vendors, partners, and customers–implementing an ACGIS is no longer a nice to have; it is a must have.