Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions

Large enterprises rely on specialization components throughout their organizations. Over the course of time, specialties can become compartmentalized causing their activities to become detached from business mission. Perhaps the best example of that today is cybersecurity—often considered an IT specialty and whose activities are often not understood in terms of business mission. Yet in today’s digital enterprise, every activity is digital (it’s how we connect with customers, vendors and each other) and so cybersecurity needs to be a component of all activities enterprise-wide.

Our Enterprise Solutions teams work with our clients develop and optimize great business components—more importantly, our solutions teams work to integrate the components into a high-performance system.  

  • Board Advisory Services
  • Enterprise Planning Systems
  • Complete Consulting Solutions and Staff Augmentation
  • Human Capital Succession Strategies and Resource Planning Systems
  • Information Systems Development and IT Managed Services

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Are you concerned or committed?
Are You Concerned or Committed?
Pilots choose a course of actions and follow procedures for navigation dependent upon conditions. They follow Visual Flight Rules (VFR) or Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) as circumstances dictate. A pilot can fly VFR if conditions are unobstructed but will navigate by IFR if there is any chance that conditions might change (IFR is suitable for VFR conditions-the reverse is not true). The struggle for many organizations today is that they are following the equivalent of VFR for cyber when IFR is required.