Board Support and Service Solutions

Board Support and Service Solutions

What’s the makeup of a good Board?

The short answer is the diversity of skills, knowledge and experience needed to address the leadership, strategy and execution needs of the Company.

Sometimes those needs are ongoing, sometimes periodic and sometimes event driven. That’s why Gestalt Development provides ‘Ongoing’, ‘OnDemand’ or ‘Fractional’ Board Advisory Services by providing:

Fractional Engagements

Every organization is in transition—from startup and early development to enterprise transformation and growth. Functional and purposeful leadership is needed to address the transitions–but often only to make the shift. Gestalt Development provides truly on-demand services to support organizations with the necessary thought leadership, skills, experience and execution resources to make the shift—from formulating periodic strategy plans, to executing on enterprise initiatives, to meeting transition driven challenges.

OnDemand Board Engagement.

To ensure there is appropriate flow of information to the board and the bandwidth to execute on enterprise governance and transformation efforts, the Gestalt Development Group provides Audit Committee Advisory for Cybersecurity Governance, Compliance Programs (AML, BSA, MSB, SOX, FCPA) and Enterprise Systems and Operations.

Ongoing Board Engagement.

Finding the right board member that will bring the appropriate balance of skills, knowledge, experience and leadership to the boardroom can be difficult and time consuming. Gestalt Development provides Board Members tailored to our clients’ needs.

Our board support and service solutions help our clients become stronger, more agile and more resilient.

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